Battleship IOWA Los Angeles has been at the front line of protecting America’s Freedom and Security since 1943. Visit the Nation’s iconic Surface Navy ship museum and experience fresh-air tours that comply with public health guidelines. During your visit and tour, you will see why the ship is affectionately known by her crew as the “Battleship of Presidents”“The Grey Ghost”, and “The Big Stick”. Choose from a menu of experiences including a Self-Guided Tour with free use of our award-winning mobile app or the socially distanced Private Guided Tour that brings you to places behind the scenes. Learn first hand why Battleship USS Iowa visitors continue to rate it as one of the best museums in Los Angeles.

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Presidents Tour
View the Captain's In Port Cabin and hear the stories about President Franklin Delano Roosevelt's historic trip across the Atlantic on board the IOWA in 1943. This top secret mission was set-up to transport FDR across the Atlantic to meet with Churchill and Stalin at the Tehran Conference. This fully guided 45 minute experience will delve into FDR's mission, and will tell the stories of his most trusted advisors and military leaders that accompanied him on that trip. You will hear about a close call involving another escort ship providing protection duties for the IOWA that could have changed the course of WWII. We will describe the modifications to the IOWA that were necessary for FDR's comfort and mobility while he was on board and actually see the bathtub built for the President that still remains to this day as a visual reminder of his time onboard The Battleship IOWA.

The Presidents Tour
Price: $50.00
Presidents Tour Add-on
(Guests must first purchase General Access Passes and be from the same group,maximum 6 guests per tour) 

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